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Our Story

At Magna Valley, we're passionate about improving lives through genuine care. We believe in more than just momentary changes; our goal is lasting wellness achieved through behavioural shifts. Magna Valley began from a shared journey towards better health.

Our dedication stems from recognising that each person's journey to well-being is unique. Together, we're committed to making wellness a way of life, standing by you every step toward embracing a healthy lifestyle.

We don't just want to increase a persons lifespan (how long they live) but increase their health span (how well they live). Quality of life means everything to us.

Who are we?

Our vision

To redefine health and wellness for each individual that comes on board with us. We envision a world where genuine care, personalised guidance and research based knowledge combined to create lasting lifestyle changes to improve the quality of life.

Why did we start?

Magna Valley started because we wanted to help people live better lives through better health. We truly believe that if you don't have your health, you have nothing else.  Our founder experienced the life-changing impact of getting healthier themselves, and it inspired us to create a place where others could do the same

What makes us different?

What truly sets us apart is our team —consisting of individuals who have embarked on their own  health journeys.

We prioritise not just knowledge but behavioural shifts, recognising that sustainable well-being stems from embracing new habits. Our approach isn't just about advice; it's about walking alongside you on your health path.

Our Services

Our 1:1 consultations form the cornerstone of our approach, ensuring tailored guidance and endless support on your health journey. 
We specialise in weight loss management, understanding that it's not just about shedding pounds but fostering a healthier relationship with your body. 

We emphasise on behaviour change to cultivate healthier mindsets, empowering lasting wellness improvements. Our comprehensive wellness plans integrate these elements, creating a roadmap customised to your goals for a healthier, happier you.


Founders Story

Jaz Sandhu

Founder of Magna Valley

Since the age of 3, I discovered I had an autoimmune condition that was here to stay. That realisation immediately made me more mindful of what my body consumed. As I entered my 20s, I encountered a series of health issues, sparking a drive to address and resolve my own health challenges. What began as an obsession gradually transformed into a passion.

I remember thinking, 'If I can enhance my well-being and find it so intriguing, why not extend this to others?'

This realisation spurred me to delve into extensive research, dedicated to assisting others in overcoming their health hurdles.

This passion drove me to explore a new path in my professional journey. After spending more than a decade in the railway and construction sector following university, I eventually took a bold step to pursue something that truly ignited my interest and passion to help others live a more healthy and meaningful life.

I am now employed by the NHS as a Health and Well-being Coach. It's an incredibly fulfilling role, allowing me to assist patients in leading better, healthier lives—exactly what I've aspired to do.

With the knowledge and experience I have gained, I want to help as many people as possible to not only live healthier lives but thrive and reach their full potential.

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What is the age range for the people you see?

Anyone from the age of 16.

How do I schedule a consultation with you?

You can either send an email or fill out the form on the Contact page.

How many sessions can I have?

You will have unlimited sessions but there will be a review after one year to ensure the right changes are being made.

What can I expect during a typical consultation?

This will be discussed in further detail on the initial consultation.

Will the wellness plan be generic or catered to me?

Each individual will have access to the generic Wellness Plan but it will be personalised specifically to you and your goals.

Do you provide weekly check ins?

This will also be discussed in the initial call in further detail but yes depending on which plan you pick there will be weekly check ins available.

Is there a community group we can be part of?

Yes, this is in the pipeline as we believe a sense of community and support can be crucial for some individuals to succeed. Please get in touch if you want to volunteer.

How long does a wellness plan last?

The wellness plan will be for life, however its entirely up to you how long you wish to work with us for as they are individually tailored to your goals.

What kind of health conditions or concerns do you specialise in?

We will work with individuals with all conditions - this will be discussed during the initial consultation. We believe everyone can make further improvements to their health. Depending on your condition, you may be advised to see a medical specialist.

What are the payment plans for the 1:1 consultations and wellness plans?

This will be assessed during the initial consultation to understand exactly what you require.

Can I combine your wellness plan with another medical treatment I am getting?

There should be no issues with this, however it may need to be discussed with your GP.

What sets your service apart from others in the industry?

We put YOU at the forefront, unlike many other services that have more of a direct approach of telling you what to do, at Magna Valley we specialise in not just providing you with key information but also behaviour change and motivational interviewing. Learn more on the about page.

Are there any specific requirements or preparations needed before a consultation

There may be a few readings that will be needed such as weight, height, blood pressure, blood sugar levels but this will be dependant on your goals.

Can I get a brief overview or sample of what a wellness plan might include?

The overview will be explained during the initial consultation.

Do you offer group or family based consultations?

No, this is currently a 1:1 service only. A Magna Valley community will be available in the future.

How soon can I expect results from your services?

Results will be dependant on the effort each individual puts in. We cannot put a timeframe on when you will see or feel positive results but we can guarantee it will happen.

What happens if I cancel or cant make an appointment?

We will be happy to reschedule for another day and time. Deposits may be required.